Book Review: America’s Financial Demise by Ethan Pope

America’s Financial Demise: Approaching the Point of No Return was published in 2010.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is worried about the current state and future of our government’s finances.  I also highly recommend this book to anyone who is impartial, uninterested, confused, too-busy or blindly trusts our government and leaders.  This book is short (137 pages) and concise (short chapters).  Pope does an amazing job of putting our nation’s financial problems into “laymen’s” terms.  The book is organized into three parts: “The Evidence,” “The Consequences,” and “Closing Arguments.”  Again, very easy to follow.  Dots are connected with straight lines.

I reread a few portions on the book, but not because I was confused.  Either my eyes were about to pop out of my head or I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  The blatant facts (“The Evidence”) made me mad.  Mad at our 30+ years of fiscally irresponsible leadership, mad at my family, and mad at myself.  The future (“The Consequences”) portrayed in this book looks scary familiar, because some of Pope’s projections have already taken place.  The call to arms (“Closing Arguments”) will inspire you to take action… now!

If you read two or more books at once, I recommend pairing this book with one that is inspiring or happy-feeling.  Further, the brevity of the book does not mean one should fly through it.  I took at full 30 days pace.  The book may be easy to get wrapped-up in.   However, I recommend the reader take there time.  Let information sink in.  Stop.  Think.  Reflect.  Plan.

Hands down recommend this book.  I adamantly urge young Americans fresh out of college to read it as well.  Hopefully, they took a economics course and paid attention.  Admittedly, I know I did not.  For many, this will be the first time to see these kinds of facts, numbers, and projections.  I will breakdown this book further in posts to come.

Some parting advice from me: Do not be afraid or doubtful.  Be brave and active.


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