The Book List That is Transforming Me

I am in a great mood today!  We finally received some rain where I live in Texas!  Praise the Lord and nothing short of it.  There was quite a lightning show leading up to some solid precipitation.  So, being that I am in a good mood, I am diverting from talks of our nation’s budget!  No reason to spoil it!

We will keep with the theme of books.  Over the last year, I have been on a book reading tear!  I used to be the guy who barely read the necessary books for class.  Now, I can’t get enough.  My current employer does an excellent job with developing leaders among its entry level team members. This week, it has been suggested we talk to each other about three of our favorite books.  I will expand on that by sharing what I have read in the last year.

The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn.  Fred was Mark’s mailman who went above and beyond his “job requirements” to make a significant, lasting impact.

Make It the Big Time Where You Are by Frosty Westering.  The best concept from the book is: There is no such thing as the Road to Success because there is no “success destination.”  But there is Success Road and you are already on it.  Enjoy it!

Growing the Game: The Globalization of Major League Baseball by Alan M. Klein.  Fascinating how America’s Pastime is also celebrated around the world.  Also explains why the Royals are the Royals, why the Dodgers are the Dodgers, and how Asian cultures do baseball their own way.

The GM by Tom Callahan.  Golf author takes a successful hack at the game of football.  Former Giants GM Earnie Accorsi is shadowed in his final season as General Manager.  I am still trying to get a hold of Earnie so I can host him at the next Monon Bell Game (which he references in the book, WAF)!

Meat Market by Bruce Feldman.  Love Bruce on  I love him here too as he shadows recruiting guru Ed Orgeron during his HC stint at Ole Miss.  Goes well with ESPN 30 for 30’s “Pony Excess,” the USC scandal, the Ohio State scandal, the Miami scandal…

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.  Opened doors in my life and taught me about how Satan attacks us daily.  Plus, why it’s okay to the urge to do dangerous things like walk around in a powerful Texas thunderstorm.

The Pursuit by Dexter Yager and John Mason.  Overcoming story.  Partners well with Frosty’s book (above).  Yes, I too own an Amway business!  Almost as many one-liner inspirational excerpts as this next book…

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  If you haven’t read it I don’t want to spoil it for you.  Just know, there is plenty to go around because we all want different things and we all define success differently.  Abundance mindset is more fun than scarcity mindset.

The Slight Edge by Leo Weidner.  Admittedly, I meant to buy a different book.  However, Weidner’s balance of coherent scientific positions and uplifting stories kept me hooked.  I write in a journal on a regular basis because of this book.

America’s Financial Demise by Ethan Pope.  Just keep following this blog ya’ll…

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.  Before you judge me or the cover of the book, read it as I currently am.  It is framed in the story of a man who is blessed with secrets to selling success on one powerful night in Bethlehem.  I’m on the Scroll Marked II for the next week.

Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.  I am also currently reading this one on a credible recommendation.  I am finishing it tomorrow.  Satisfied customers are not enough…

One the Radar:

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by (the) John Maxwell

WIN by Frank Luntz

Fathered by God by John Elderedge 

Recommendations for me? I’d love to hear them!  Comment below, please!


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