Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas y’all!

From Texas, northbound on I-35 near Waco, back seat of a Honda Odyssey. I usually don’t do this kinda thing on a holiday. Especially, on the holiday which celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior. But I’m on the road and I’m addicted to productivity. All I have to offer from this post are two Christmas songs that are rocking my world this year:

Josh Wilson – Jesus is Alive

Downhere – How Many Kings

Merry Christmas


A Word Uglier than Whore: Pimp

To start, let me apologize for the language of my title.  Its purpose is greater than shock value.  This post comes out of two streams of thought.  The first is my conviction on the American English language which has developed over the last year and continues to develop.  American slang, clichés, and dialects have changed the meaning of words and phrases.  Ultimately, the change in meaning has created a network of subconscious messages to a person’s brain which aids the prominence of shortcomings and failures in our society.  I proactively fight against rambling, right here.  I will get to the point of this post. 

The word “whore” is widely used to describe a person in the sex industry.  Some would call it a career – we’ll address that nuance later.  From my experiences and interactions with others, the word whore painfully describes a promiscuous woman or man. 

The word “pimp” has also been converted into slang.  A pimp is a dealer or manager or owner of prostitutes.  In slang, a pimp is a womanizer, an achiever in sexual prowess, and even a “stud” with his ability get what he wants from women.  The popular slang is all around us in popular culture, television, and music (sorry for your language and images, but it is all really out there for the eyes of all)!


The second stream of thought leading me to feel compelled to write on this topic came from a night viewing of the movie Nefarious, a documentary on the current status of human trafficking and sex slavery.  Two close friends and I attended an awareness meeting in late 2011 at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  The event was run by a sex trafficking awareness group called Exodus Cry.  Wide-eyed and heavy-hearted is the best way to describe my mood post-viewing. 

My face was void of expression.  I could feel it.  I didn’t want to talk.  All I could bring myself to do was silently reflect.  I didn’t even want to do that.  It hurt.  It was anguish.  Only an hour later did I turn to my roommate and driver to say a few words. 

The slang usage of “whore” and “pimp” results in undermining the offensiveness of the literal definition of each word.  People are finally starting to get it in other arenas, such as the inappropriate and ugly use of the word, retard.  Nefarious opened my mind to this realization in linguistics after a couple of days of reflection. 

 Today, we focus on the word, “pimp.”  Why?  The word has turned into a status many young males find worth striving toward.  Its meaning in the social arena describes self-destructive masculine qualities, social and/or financial achievement, sexual prowess, and status.  UrbanDictionary definitions here… Merriam-Webster synonyms here… Now that you are equipped with that, let me tell you what a pimp really is…

A pimp is an owner and/or manager of SLAVES.  A pimp is a drug dealer.  A pimp is a brain-washer.  A pimp is a manipulator.  A pimp is a member of organized crime.  A pimp is an abuser.  A pimp is a thief of souls.  A pimp is a dream crusher.  A pimp is business man operating in an illegal (and in some cases LEGAL) industry.  A pimp is an owner of broken, kidnapped, helpless and abused women.  A pimp is heartless.  A pimp is coward.  A pimp is a wolf.  A pimp is operating in the ways of evil.  A pimp is a dealer of people – of women.   A pimp is behind every stripper, prostitute, and sex slave.

Guys, still want to be a pimp?  Even among your high school group of friends, do you want to be a pimp?  Wake up.  If you womanize, you’re not a pimp.  Pimps are uglier than womanizing.  Pimps represent the existence of slavery.  Slavery.  SLAVERY.  It still exists on this earth people!  This guy is doing something about it and I am not on my own.

I am exploring ways to get involved and support anit-sex trafficking in the Houston area.  Links below would be worth taking a look at, in my humble opinion, if you compelled. 

How can slavery still exist in 2011?  Saddens my heart deeply.