Pictures in Place of Words

The following pictures are glimpses into my experiences over the last 8 months.  Many have impacted me in a positive way, because I chose to look at them in such a way.  However, they also speak for themselves.  Their impact or the thoughts they provoked were reactions I could have planned.  Thanks be to God for giving me the eyes to see…

I hope you enjoyed these!




World Changing Summer Plans

Loyal readers,

Greetings! I hope this post finds you well.

Background and Context

In August, I moved to Houston to take a job with Boosterthon Enterprises – completely a “who you know, who knows you” story. It has been truly a blessing to be closer to my immediate family and my job is enjoyable. It is a great company in the elementary fundraising industry. However, we are way more than that! Our mission is to Change the World! Our fundraising excellence provides a platform for me and other team members across the nation to teach character and fitness to students! I want to share with you what has gotten me fired up for this summer.

This past school year, Booster has been portioning profits toward Operation Playground, a corporate social responsibility project in Guatemala. This is our second trip to the country in the last year. The first was to film media for our character development and fitness theme: Epic Adventure. This second trip, is a response to the poverty and educational environment we witnessed. Team members from Boosterthon have partnered with a playground supply and installation company to build playground on campuses which dearly need them. I will be one of the team members headed to Guatemala this June!

What I Need

I need your help. The purpose of this letter is to request your support of me with your thoughts, prayers, or financial giving this summer. First, I would be honored if you would think of me or pray for me and this awesome, humbling adventure I am taking. With your consent, I will add you to an email list so I can update you throughout the support raising process. I will also include you on uploaded content to THIS blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts while I am immersed in the Guatemalan culture.

Second, I am asking you to consider supporting me financially. As this is coordinated as a volunteer service project, I am being asked to raise support for my expenses. This includes airfare, lodging, food, water, transportation, and other small costs that come up when traveling. If we can work it out, I would love to meet with you individually, or via phone, to explain more of what my role will be. Below, I am providing my address so that, if you commit to supporting me, you can send a check payable to Helping Hands Ministries, Inc. – which is tax deductible. Again, I would love to keep you each updated with how my summer is taking shape.

I am incredibly blessed with the family and friends who have been given to me. Most simply, this letter is to tell you of the opportunity I have this summer. Thank you for considering to support me financially. I am fired up to see what will happen! I hope to talk with each of you soon!

Change the World,

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