Guatemala: From Schools to Casa Bernabe

Friends, Family, and Follower:

I am truly enjoying my time here in Guatemala!  The first leg of my trip is wrapping up.  Overall, it has been a huge success.  About 20 people from my company and I were able to serve 3 schools in the Tactic area of Guatemala (close to Coban).  The children were so much fun and treated us as if we were celebrities!  A pep rally, a new wall mural, and shelving for the school kitchen were on our to do list at our school.  It all got done and then some!  Playing soccer and football with students was so much fun (even though I have to sacrifice my hiking boots after the sole detached from my left boot).  Having to face them after a 1-1 tie between USA and Guatemala last Tuesday was not much fun! But oh well…

I have spent the last day and a half with a coworkers who has family in Fraijanes, Guatemala.  His family is extremely gracious and hospitable.  JC, my coworker, has an amazing family.  We have had a blast! His grandfather is American.  So, I think he has enjoyed communicating with me in English – and he has quite a story to share! It will be sad to part with them today.  However, I will rendezvous with another group this afternoon.  Travel details have worked out so well.  Farijanes, where I am currently staying is just 5 minutes from my next destination! Casa Bernabe (!

Sorry if you have felt in the dark during the last few days.  Please check out my Facebook page or Instagram account to see pictures of my trip thus far.  Uploading pictures and checking emails have been about all I could accomplish with the WiFi I’ve had access to.

Alright everyone!  Thanks again for your support!  I hope to update you again soon. Adios!





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