Sunday/Monday: Tu hablas espanol?


Low key, but tons of fun. Worship in Espanol was interesting and I spent a little time translating lyrics. Much of my day was spent reflecting on life. How God has moved in my life the last 2 years. How the people placed in my life have been such an impact. My sin. My Savior. The grace bestowed upon me.

Worked my rear off today! Morning started off with a trip to the jungle to dig up bamboo. After lunch I went to the two of the boys houses. First, Casa Esperanza where I hung out with some of the fellas and helped do homework. I also pushed a lil guy named Manuel on his bike for a good 20 laps around the house.

Then it was time to get dirty moving dirt into a green house which is currently being assembled. 4 boys from the oldest house came to help. They were sizing me up because that night I was scheduled to watch them as their house parents were at a staff meeting. Once I did arrive, I WOOed them with some Epic Adventure wrist bands – don’t ask if you don’t know! They are great guys. I am remembering names and hoping to create relationships during my short time here. Best part of my day was receiving an email from back home. A request to give a devotional in front of my peers and leaders at my job. I am very honored.

It has be me asking myself tonight,”Lord, why have you chosen to bless me so?”

It’s all in His plan. Until next time…


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