Today I hiked an active volcano

Family and Friends,

Today the team headed to Antigua, Guatemala. A quaint, back-in-time city full of fun and shopping. It was a much welcomed change up to shoveling earth, transporting it by wheel barrel, painting, and playing soccer with kiddos.

We had a little bit of a bus ride from Casa Bernabe to Antigua, but when we arrived we were met with beauty. We ate at a beautiful coffee plantation called Filidelfia. The breakfast was delicious and the coffee was stellar. Then, we headed into the city to shop. I bought something for the fellas – get ready boys! Mom and sis, you’re already covered (wink wink).

The highlight of the day was climbing the active volcano, Pacaya! Many many pictures to come on that. It as gorgeous and left me in awe thinking, “Our God made this!” Must give props where props are due!

I have had many questions flow through my conscious the last few days. Today’s personal inquiry:

What does it mean when someone asks you when you’re leaving?

A few kids at the orphanage and missionaries have asked me when I am leaving. It may just be a casual, simple question. Could it be more?

Is the Lord using these people to speak to me. Do they want me to stay longer? Does the Lord want me to stay longer?

One thing I know for sure. I have given my heart to Casa Bernabe each day I’ve spent here. This place has left an impact on me. I pray that I have done something to impact it as well. I am also sure I must return. The Lord has called me to a special place at home in the US.

I want to make a continued impact by writing to a couple of kids – A and W (names disclosed for safety reasons. For whatever reason, these two have been a focus of mine from the 1st day. A is an orphan who is really been special to me. He and I have connected almost everyday. He’s a great kid. He’s quiet. He’s got leadership in him. I hope I can impact him from a distance. W is a missionary’s kid. Stud baseball player (plays on the Guatemala Williamsport team) and just a great kid. He’s kind of quiet as well, but when he speaks he is bold and even funny. W is going to be receiving a shipment is my old basketball and football cards. Shhh! Don’t tell!

I also had a gray talk with a dude named E. Haha, this discretion is kinda funny. He’s 18 and got a bright future ahead of him. Tonight I shared some things with him that he has never heard before. It was special! I am looking forward to getting updates on him from his sponsor and keeping in touch via Facebook.

This cat is tired. I’m out!


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