Faith is socially ‘flip-flopped’

Faith is a word much like leadership in that it tends to gets thrown around aimlessly.  Thus, the word is misunderstood much of the time. Which is a shame.  It seems faith is also a word misunderstood in many contexts because it is frankly hard to comprehend. Faith is not easy – having faith, acting on faith, faith in others, faith in yourself, being faithful, understanding faith.

Pondering this, my hypothesis (which are really fun to have when you’re not a scientist or researcher) on faith is that it is tough for us because it is socially backwards. We believe in what we see. We don’t believe before we do.  In contrast, faith does not require sight.  In fact, faith is absent of physical sight. Do you know what that means?  If we cannot see that which we have faith in, then faith is SCARY! AHHH!

We are innately scared of what we cannot see – from the monster in the closet to the apocalypse. Thank you Disney Pixar for helping me conquer my fear of monsters. Thank you Hollywood in general for creating movies depicting scenario after scenario of how the world may end as we know it. We cannot see it. Thus, it scares us.

Thus, faith is a social flip-flop for us. We cannot see it and that is scary.

Faith is also risky.  People do not like risk because ultimately, it exposes if you are wrong or right. It seems most people calculate their risks.  This may be an attempt to come off as smart though they are wrong. “I bet on the losing horse, but it was only a dollar,” or “I asked her out and she said no, but I had nothing to lose.” True faith does not allow for calculated risk. It’s all in deal.

I have faith the sun will come up tomorrow. If it doesn’t, I am totally screwed. But that is just a copout, right? The sun has come up at the start of every day since… forever ago. I’ll give you a better example.

There is a community, a body, of people I have been running with for over a year and half now. They embrace faith. They embrace the flippy-floppy nature of faith. These people are Christians and our faith is in a Savior named Jesus Christ.

Our faith leads us to believe that Jesus is a gift from God through whom he paid the debt of our sins. Further, he paid the debt in his blood, his death, and his resurrection. That’s right.  Jesus atoned for our sin completely by conquering death.

How awesome it is that we find our faith to be strange, irregular, and rebellious.  It is socially flip-flopped. Have I ever seen Jesus in the flesh? Nope. Do I think I deserve the mercy God gave by providing a Savior for a wretch like me? No, but I accept the gift regardless. This is not to present an argument that my way is better than yours might be. That will be saved for a different blog post and I would not take that stand. I’ve got an argument stored up which is far superior to “mine is better than yours!”

Regardless, I don’t have all the proof. I just have faith.

Who on this earth really knows what is going on and what is best?  The Democrats or the Republicans? Do you really have FAITH in either?

Do you really have faith? Make sure, because faith is different. Faith is trusting in the Truth.

[that’s Truth with a capital T]