With a Posture to be Impacted

Don’t we think we have it figured out sometimes?  Consider “it” to be any daily challenge, task, or circumstance.  I am guilty of this.  More often than not, I operate with the assumption of: I got this…

sewed up.  mastered.  figured out.  dominated.  duh.

My devotional this morning put me in my place.  Even if I am right about having it figured out on occasion, the truth is I am still:

screwed up.  a 26 year old novice.  clueless.  defeated.  faking it.

What I read this morning was warning and advice from King Solomon.  He was arguably the most successful and knowledgeable man to ever live.  The writer of my devotional ascertained the following in his commentary. Affluence and success destroy hope and produce despair.

Oh baby!  Talk about counter-cultural!  It is an easy concept really.  If you have it “figured out,” then you have no need to rely on anyone or anything.  In other words, you have nothing to hope for, because affluence and success is already yours.  To the part about despair, well, have you ever seen anyone fall from the top?  Familiar story if priorities are out of whack, right?  Let’s stretch our thinking even further with this factoid: by His grace, God has ordained this life to not satisfy.  Sounds right to me.  Ever been hungry or thirsty or upset because you didn’t get your way?  Whether we have much or have not, we want more.  Don’t fret, for heaven will be satisfying!

Let’s apply.  Lately, I have been in a place of satisfaction in my circumstances.  When I have opened God’s Word, I have not approached it with a posture to be impacted.  I’ve studied it.  I’ve answered question in my Bible study companion workbook.  My approach derives from my attitude of satisfaction.  It is a lie.  It is shallow satisfaction.  I have felt it!  It does not feel good.  The false satisfaction spills into my marriage, relationships, and energy throughout the day – it drains me without me knowing.  Interestingly, it sounds like the despair my devotional introduced this morning.  There is a need for change.

Not a big change in my opinion.  Just a change in posture and approach.  The Lord guides my steps, and He has put me in this place of false satisfaction which somehow – beyond my comprehension, thankfully – returns glory to Him.  No doubt about it, He has me in His hands.   Yet, I have free will and a responsibility to respond to the gospel.  How can I do that each morning as I open God’s Word?  Simply, enter into time with Him ready to be impacted by the hope He gives, because I do not have it figured at all.