New job! Synopsis of the Old

Since November 2013, I have taken a new job with a Houston area investigative plumbing company.  So far, it has been an invaluable experience.  The reasons are many.  I hope to outline those reasons in this and upcoming contributions.  The reason for relating my experience to anyone reading are also many.  At its origin, I find myself inclined to share my experience for the benefit of others.

I am almost 27 years old, and to date, I have been employed by two companies since graduating with a Masters in Sports Management from the University of Louisville.  The first was an energetic elementary school fundraising company based around a fitness and character program.  The company was young in average age of employee  and in life of a business.  Six months removed for employment there,  that seems to still be the case.  Outside of its core values (leadership, enthusiasm, integrity, results) I would also choose to describe it as: personal development focused, fast-moving, ever-evolving organization structure, visionary, intensely relational and initiative-driven.

It was a great company to work for as an immediate college graduate.  It was fun!  And exhausting!  The energy they have as a company is appealing and exciting.  The energy they require from their roughly 180 people is extremely high, and a 20-something should and can handle the heavy work load.  The learning curve is steep.  In my opinion the curve is due to two main factors.

First, the culture of the company practically requires an employee to be a quick learner and quick to spring into action.  There is nothing apparently wrong with this from the outside looking in. Further, the culture is created and sustained by its President who is the pinnacle of quick.

Second, the company has a unique business model when analyzing cash flow and revenue generation.  The business producing a vast portion of its revenue only 8-9 months of the year.  Upon schools being out for the summer, revenue effectively halts.  In other words, to succeed in this company you are required to be quick in learning and in action – even if you aren’t fortunate enough to be told that by a recruiter or direct leader.  At a later date, I will conjure up my graduate school business knowledge and look at the company through a SWOT analysis.

It is necessary for me to lay out the facade of my previous employer because my new one is drastically different in almost every respect.  The differences do not necessarily point out pros or cons of either company.  Admittedly, I miss much of the pros  and became  frustrated with the cons surrounding my previous employment.  However, the main factor in pursuing other work was getting married.  Let it be said here that the perspectives of a young, ambitious, Christian, and single man changed once he got hitched.  Imagine that!  And hey, that’s just me.  Others may not have the same experience I did – that is just fine.

This concludes the entry for today.  Next time, I’ll dive into what it looks like at my current employer.  My hope is someone reading this, and the following posts, will relate to my journey.  Even more, I hope they uncover some value for their own career path.


One thought on “New job! Synopsis of the Old

  1. Caroline says:

    Nice Trav! I’m excited to read more… as I have been missing the pros of my previous job, but also enjoying not being a part of the cons anymore :).


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