Impact Maker

Around this time of year, being the football junkie that I am, I take in as much NFL Draft talk as I can handle.  Without a doubt, there is more talk about the Draft than I can handle.  Here are some ways a great pick or picks can IMPACT a football team and the organization:

  • Increased ticket sales
  • Increased merchandise sales
  • Feeling of excitement in the fan base
  • Good press (or just press in general)
  • Hope for the future
  • More wins
  • Better talent where there was lack (or none)
  • Stability
  • A new weapon for the coach’s game plan
  • etc…

Teddy Bridgewater is a football player who has been critiqued and analyzed way too much leading up to the draft.  Many people don’t believe he can IMPACT a team in the ways listed above.  That’s just fine, I think.  He is a favorite mine, but that’s because we are both Louisville Cardinals.  So, I’m biased.  I’m also realistic.  I do not think Bridgewater will be a star player in the NFL.  I think among his peers in the draft he has as good a chance as any to contribute to an NFL team.  Since he is one of my favorites, I wish him a long career and all the success he wants from his career.

But, check this out!  If he doesn’t become an amazing Hall of Fame QB in the NFL aiding a franchise by increasing their revenue and prestige, he can have an IMPACT on his family and others.  And he’s proven to do just that:

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