The Future of Us (Millenials)

A couple posts back, I left an audio link for a debate around “Millennials don’t stand a chance?” If you didn’t listen, explainer below:

Two side were argued – one for “yes, we do” and the other for, “no they don’t.”  An audience vote after 3 rounds of debating said, “Nope.”  In summary, the audience chose the argument of two older-than-millennials debaters’ argument of nay.

My own take on this is going to come from a slightly different angle, but I think the difference is profound.  My vote would be YES, we do stand a chance because we MUST.  It’s really as simple as that.  There in no other option unless an alien race of millennial age land on earth tomorrow.

One of the presumptions I presume people have about our generation or any young generation is the following: they don’t have what it takes to face the future.  Well, if one can tell me what the future will be and what my capabilities at that point in time will include, then I’d just might have to agree with them.   The fallacy here is that no one can predict my future, nor the future.  The history of economic cycles, job rates, national growth, politics or comparisons between my generation and another’s will determine my future.

I heard someone from stage a few years back say, “The past does not equal the future.”  It was spoken with a motivational sentiment, but it’s also understated truth.  Please, anyone out there, don’t tell me or anyone in my generation about our future.  And please do not hold over the heads of millennials that they’ve got to save our nation.

What are we saving it from, anyway?  Being #2?  Or #3?  Are we to save it from government over-spending, taxes, and unemployment?   Sorry, but that bed has been made.   That is not a shrugging off of what troubles this country or any responsibility its citizens have to do something about it.  It’s the reality.  What I am about to say includes no sarcasm.  Each word is to be taken literally:

If millennials do not save America and its future, the world will not end.

I say that not because I am a pessimist.  I am not quitting on America.  I choose to put my hope in something higher than the right to vote, right to bear arms, or a democratic system of government.


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