Job Numero Dos

Now, onward to job numero dos – my current employer.

I broke down the basics of my previous employer in a retrospective fashion.  I will provide my perspective with my current employer out of my early observations (it has only been 6 months).  This is a great small business to work for as a newly-married man at age almost 27.  I am currently content with compensation, growth opportunities, work-life balance and industry factors.

I have become 1 cog of a 4 person office employing up to 7 plumbers and 2 contractors in the field.   My three coworkers are all roughly twice my age.  Though I am content with the current situation, to be honest, I am still figuring out this job.  Where do I fit?  What’s my future?  Do I see this as long term?  Not knowing fully the answers to these questions turns me to my faith a Loving God; thus, I find my contentment.

Here’s what I know so far:

  • The office environment hasn’t changed in years.  Turnover is low.  The work flow is steady.
  • The business relationships are deep and very professional – based in respect toward our results.
  • The business model is solid, tested, and (fingers-crossed) sustainable.
  • It is a service driven company.
  • Reputation and customer base has been built almost entirely by word-of-mouth.
  • There’s one real significant moment where the business reinvented itself.
  • Straight forward, uber-professional execution of quality work leads relationship building, but the relationships are still important.
  • Profit is a good thing because it keeps the doors open and families fed.
  • Business decisions here are well thought through and mistakes should not be made in haste.
  • Niche.  The hedgehog has been identified, nurtured, and polished.

Having covered the introductions on previous and current employers, we will be moving to topic posts in the future.  I’d like to start off in direction of covering the following: mentoring, organizational philosophy, simple lessons, business principles, and leadership styles. Don’t run off yet!  I won’t be approaching these as if you were in Business Class.  We’ll have slightly more fun than that.

Until then…