I Agree with Mark Cuban on This:

As many NBA fans have come to recognize over the years, Mark Cuban is a dynamic guy.  He’s  the animated, outspoken, and quick-to-hug-sweaty-players Mavericks owner.


People know he is a “self-made” business man with oodles of success.  Then came Shark Tank. You can catch it on ABC on Fridays to see all kinds of people present their small business to big-time investors for the chance to grow with financial backing and mentoring.  The prime time phenomenon is bringing families together in front of the television like days of yore.  I’m talking about the 90’s of course:

Of the things listed above, none are commonalities between Mark Cuban and myself.  Not to mention, there is a significant difference in accounting commas between Mark and me.

3 commas

Yet, we are both fans of the Mavs (he owns them, he’s a fan).  Then, I had the chance to listen to the an Entreleadship podcast with Dave Ramsey interviewing Cuban.  I realized we have more in common than basketball fandom.  The following 3 points from their conversation impressed me, challenged me, and made me pump my fist in the cab of my work truck somewhere in West Houston:

  • Businesses can start debt-free.  Once you take out that loan, you work for the bank, and not your customers.  No thanks.
  • The American Dream is not dead.  See SharkTank.
  • Finally, Mark and I agree on the career strategy called: follow your effort.

People are told to, “find what you’re passionate about, then do that.”  Or, “follow your passion,” then give your time and effort to that.  What in your life is requiring most of your effort?  There is a good chance where you are expending effort is what you will become good at (aka practice).  When you become good at it, you just might find your passion.

As millennials, I believe we were fed the “find what your passionate about” or “do what you love” line early and often.  We have followed this advice to an extent, and it has led us into situations where we receive criticism.  Such as, spending more than 4 years on a Bachelor’s or living with our parents while we “figure things out.”

If you feel stuck in any way, I encourage you to follow Mark’s advice.  Get going on something and if you find that it’s not your passion… that’s normal!  Put in the effort anyway.  Your effort just might lead to promotion, new opportunity, or even your passion!

Get after it GenY!  We are the future business leaders of America despite what others may say about us.